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 Gold: 1,266.90  11.50▲  (5/26/2017 16:59 ET) 
Gold Coins
American Gold Eagle - Mint StateHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle MS (any year)1281.90A851291.60CC9
  1 oz Eagle MS (current year)1286.90A851311.24CC9
  1/2 oz Eagle MS (any year)649.29A85658.78CC9
  1/2 oz Eagle MS (current year)652.45A85669.86CC9
  1/4 oz Eagle MS (any year)331.77A85334.14CC9
  1/4 oz Eagle MS (current year)331.77A85340.48CC9
  1/10 oz Eagle MS (any year)136.19CC9137.78CC9
  1/10 oz Eagle MS (current year)136.19CC9138.73CC9
American Gold Eagle - ProofHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)  1391.90CC9
  1 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)    
  1/2 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)    
  1/2 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)    
  1/4 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)    
  1/4 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)    
  1/10 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)    
  1/10 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)    
American Gold Eagle - Proof SetHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1.85 oz Eagle 4pc Set w/OGP (any year)    
  1.85 oz Eagle 4pc Set w/OGP (current yr)    
  1.50 oz Eagle 2pc Set w/OGP (any year)    
  1.50 oz Eagle 2pc Set w/OGP (current yr)    
American Gold Buffalo - Mint StateHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Buffalo MS (any year)1281.90A851290.34CC9
  1 oz Buffalo MS (current year)1286.90A851311.24CC9
  1/2 oz Buffalo MS (any year)668.29CC9678.45A43
  1/2 oz Buffalo MS (current year)665.12CC9  
  1/4 oz Buffalo MS (any year)348.40CC9351.73A43
  1/4 oz Buffalo MS (current year)348.40CC9  
  1/10 oz Buffalo MS (any year)140.63CC9151.69A43
  1/10 oz Buffalo MS (current year)139.36CC9  
American Gold Buffalo - ProofHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Buffalo PR w/OGP (any year)1291.90A85  
  1 oz Buffalo PR w/OGP (current year)1291.90A85  
U.S. GoldHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  $5 (XF/AU)303.36CC9346.26CC9
  $10 (XF/AU)606.73CC9637.38CC9
  $20 (XF/AU)1213.47CC91280.88CC9
AustraliaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Lunar1254.23CC9  
  1 oz Kangaroo1268.90CC91294.90CC9
  1/2 oz Kangaroo636.62CC9678.45A43
  1/4 oz Kangaroo319.89CC9351.73A43
  1/10 oz Kangaroo127.96CC9161.69A43
  1/20 oz Kangaroo62.72CC988.35A43
Austria PhilharmonicHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Philharmonic (any year)1274.90CC91306.90A85
  1 oz Philharmonic (current year)1274.90CC9  
  1/2 oz Philharmonic (any year)628.71CC9678.45A43
  1/2 oz Philharmonic (current year)628.70CC9  
  1/4 oz Philharmonic (any year)316.74CC9329.39CC9
  1/4 oz Philharmonic (current year)316.73CC9  
  1/10 oz Philharmonic (any year)131.76CC9151.69A43
  1/10 oz Philharmonic (current year)131.76CC9  
Austria Corona/DucatHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 Corona1232.51CC91242.82CC9
  20 Corona244.60CC9  
  10 Corona122.30CC9  
  4 Ducats556.63A85  
  1 Ducat138.84CC9  
BelgiumHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Francs234.17CC9  
CanadaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Maple Leaf .99999 (any year)1271.90CC91356.90A43
  1 oz Maple Leaf .99999 (current year)1271.90CC9  
  1 oz Maple Leaf .9999 (any year)1276.90A851284.90CC9
  1 oz Maple Leaf .9999 (current year)1276.90A851292.90CC9
  1 oz Maple Leaf .999 (any year)1266.91CC91356.90A43
  1/2 oz Maple Leaf (any year)633.45CC9665.12CC9
  1/2 oz Maple Leaf (current year)633.45CC9665.12CC9
  1/4 oz Maple Leaf (any year)323.06CC9332.56CC9
  1/4 oz Maple Leaf (current year)323.06CC9338.90CC9
  1/10 oz Maple Leaf (any year)131.76CC9138.09CC9
  1/10 oz Maple Leaf (current year)131.76CC9138.09CC9
  1/20 oz Maple Leaf (any year)68.41CC978.35A43
  1/20 oz Maple Leaf (current year)68.41CC980.45CC9
ChinaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Panda1260.57CC91401.90A43
  30 gram Panda1221.93CC9  
  1/2 oz Panda652.45CC9708.45A43
  15 gram Panda617.07CC9  
  8 gram Panda335.62CC9  
  1/4 oz Panda319.89CC9371.73A43
  1/10 oz Panda139.36CC9161.69A43
  3 gram Panda129.52CC9  
  1/20 oz Panda69.68CC988.35A43
  1 gram Panda44.80CC952.14CC9
ColumbiaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  5 Peso295.38CC9  
DenmarkHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Kroner325.11CC9  
  10 Kroner162.56CC9  
FranceHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Francs Rooster Coq236.53A85241.03CC9
  20 Francs Angel Genie236.53A85243.03CC9
  20 Francs Nap III234.16CC9  
  10 Francs Rooster Coq115.84CC9  
GermanyHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Marks291.89CC9  
  10 Marks144.50CC9  
GibraltarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Cherub Angel1254.23CC9  
  1/2 oz Cherub Angel627.12CC9  
  1/5 oz Cherub Angel250.85CC9  
  1/10 oz Cherub Angel125.42CC9  
  1/25 oz Cherub Angel50.17CC9  
Great BritainHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  British Sovereign New295.25CC9  
  British Sovereign Old Kings298.23CC9304.73CC9
  British Sovereign Old Queens296.23CC9310.23A85
  British Half Sovereign149.11A85  
HungaryHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 Korona1232.50CC9  
  20 Korona245.83CC9  
  10 Korona    
Isle of ManHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Angel1254.23CC9  
  1/2 oz Angel627.12CC9  
  1/4 oz Angel313.56CC9  
  1/10 oz Angel125.42CC9  
  1/20 oz Angel62.71CC9  
ItalyHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Lire234.16CC9  
MexicoHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  50 Pesos1516.06CC91537.50A85
  20 Pesos603.39CC9  
  10 Pesos301.63CC9  
  5 Pesos150.75CC9  
  2.5 Pesos75.31CC9  
  2 Pesos64.06CC968.06CC9
NetherlandsHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 Guilder244.20CC9  
  1 Ducat138.39CC9  
RussiaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1/10 oz Ballerina125.43CC9  
  1/20 oz Ballerina62.72CC9  
  10 Ruble315.34CC9  
  5 Ruble157.74CC9  
South AfricaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Krugerrand1279.90A851284.90CC9
  1/2 oz Krugerrand628.70CC9678.45A43
  1/4 oz Krugerrand315.14CC9351.73A43
  1/10 oz Krugerrand130.50CC9136.83CC9
SwedenHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Kroner325.23CC9  
  10 Kroner160.92CC9  
SwitzerlandHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 Francs1170.82CC9  
  20 Francs234.16CC9239.53CC9
  10 Francs    
 Gold: 1,266.90  11.50▲  (5/26/2017 16:59 ET) 
Gold Bars
Perth Mint Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo bar40575.13A85  
  10 oz Kangaroo bar12669.00A8512799.00CC9
  1 oz Kangaroo bar125739.83CC9  
Asahi/Johnson Matthey Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo JM bar40575.13A85  
  10 oz Asahi bar12605.66CC9  
  10 oz JM bar12605.66CC9  
  1 oz JM bar125739.83CC9  
Royal Canadian Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo RCM bar40575.13A85  
  1 oz RCM bar1266.90A851285.90CC9
Pamp Suisse Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo Pamp bar40575.13A85  
  10 oz Pamp bar12669.00A8512829.00CC9
  5 oz Pamp bar6302.83CC96424.50CC9
  1 oz Pamp bar126056.55CC91286.89CC9
  1 oz Pamp Fortuna bar126056.55CC91286.90CC9
Credit Suisse Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz Credit bar12605.66CC9  
  1 oz Credit bar126056.55CC91282.90CC9
ScotiaMocatta Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz ScotiaMocatta bar1257.40CC9  
Heraeus Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 oz Heraeus bar126090.00A85127290.00A85
  1 Kilo Heraeus bar40543.00A8541121.70A85
  1 oz Heraeus bar1266.90A851289.90A85
Valcambi Suisse Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Valcambi bar1260.57CC91281.90CC9
  1 oz Valcambi CombiBar (10 x 1/10)1266.90CC91341.90CC9

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