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 Silver: 17.010  0.070▲  (1/19/2018 16:59 ET) 
Silver Coins
U.S. Silver BagsHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  90% Silver $1000 Bags11876.15ME812019.15CC9
  40% Silver $1000 Bags4817.23J475017.95A85
  War Time 5c $200 Bags3061.80CC9  
U.S. Silver $1 (VG or better)High BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  Pre-21 Morgan $121.00CC924.50CC9
  1921 Morgan $115.00CC918.00CC9
  Peace $115.00CC918.00CC9
American Silver Eagle - Mint StateHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle MS (any year)18.36ME818.76CC9
  1 oz Eagle MS (current year)18.01A8519.31A85
American Silver Eagle - ProofHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle PR (any year)36.00CC9  
  1 oz Eagle PR (current year)35.00CC9  
AustraliaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Koala17.01CC920.66CC9
  1 kg Kookaburra537.24CC9  
  10 oz Kookaburra168.10CC9  
  2 oz Kookaburra33.42CC9  
  1 oz Kookaburra16.71CC920.76CC9
AustriaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Philharmonic17.51CC9  
CanadaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz Magnificent Maple (any year)175.10CC9  
  10 oz Magnificent Maple (current yr)175.10CC9  
  1 oz Maple Leaf (any year)17.41CC918.50CC9
  1 oz Maple Leaf (current year)17.61CC918.76CC9
  Canadian $18.16CC9  
  80% Silver $1000 Bags7590.71CC9  
ChinaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Panda18.51CC9  
  30 gram Panda17.91CC922.31CC9
IndiaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  Victoria Rupee    
JapanHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Yen    
MexicoHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Libertad    
  1 Peso    
  25 Centavo    
  50 Centavo    
 Silver: 17.010  0.070▲  (1/19/2018 16:59 ET) 
Silver Bars
Engelhard Silver BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1,000 oz EH bar16760.00A8517260.00A85
  100 oz EH bar1701.00A851726.00CC9
  1 Kilo EH bar537.29CC9  
  10 oz EH bar172.10CC9  
  1 oz EH bar17.01CC9  
Asahi/Johnson Matthey Silver BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1,000 oz JM bar16760.00A8517260.00A85
  100 oz Asahi bar1701.00A851736.00CC9
  100 oz JM bar1701.00A851721.00CC9
  1 Kilo Asahi bar537.29CC9564.63CC9
  1 Kilo JM bar546.94A85  
  10 oz JM bar172.10CC9  
  1 oz JM bar16.61CC9  
Royal Canadian Mint Silver BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1,000 oz RCM bar16760.00A85  
  100 oz RCM bar1701.00A851726.00CC9
  10 oz RCM bar167.10CC9  
  1 oz RCM bar16.61CC9  
Pamp Suisse Silver BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Pamp bar  32.01CC9
Sunshine Silver BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 oz Sunshine bar1661.00CC91756.00CC9
  10 oz Sunshine bar167.10CC9175.10CC9
  5 oz Sunshine bar83.05CC987.80CC9
  1 oz Sunshine bar16.71CC917.66CC9
Silver Bar (any brand name)High BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 oz COMEX bar1670.38J471726.00CC9
  100 oz non-COMEX bar1656.00CC91726.00CC9
  1 Kilo Silver bar538.90CC9564.63CC9
  10 oz Silver bar166.60CC9170.60CC9
  1 oz Silver bar16.71CC917.51CC9
  1 oz Silver round16.83ME817.21CC9
Heraeus Silver BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Heraeus bar17.01A85  

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