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Important information about CCE prices

 Platinum: ¥ 112093.22  1,207.45▲  (1/19/2018 16:59 ET) 
Platinum Coins
American Platinum Eagle - Mint StateHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle MS (any year)¥ 117697.88CC9¥ 123302.54CC9
  1 oz Eagle MS (current year)¥ 117697.88CC9  
  1/2 oz Eagle MS (any year)¥ 58815.99A85  
  1/2 oz Eagle MS (current year)¥ 56607.08CC9  
  1/4 oz Eagle MS (any year)¥ 29407.99A85  
  1/4 oz Eagle MS (current year)¥ 28583.77CC9  
  1/10 oz Eagle MS (any year)¥ 11657.70CC9  
  1/10 oz Eagle MS (current year)¥ 11657.70CC9  
American Platinum Eagle - ProofHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)¥ 120401.35CC9  
  1 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)¥ 120401.35CC9  
  1/2 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)¥ 57154.36CC9  
  1/2 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)¥ 57154.36CC9  
  1/4 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)¥ 28577.18CC9  
  1/4 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)¥ 28577.18CC9  
  1/10 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)¥ 11430.87CC9  
  1/10 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)¥ 11430.87CC9  
Australian Platinum KoalaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Koala¥ 110431.60CC9  
  1/2 oz Koala¥ 52123.35CC9  
  1/4 oz Koala¥ 26061.67CC9  
  1/10 oz Koala¥ 10424.67CC9  
  1/20 oz Koala¥ 5212.33CC9  
Austria Platinum PhilharmonicHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Philharmonic¥ 112093.22CC9  
Canadian Platinum Maple LeafHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Maple Leaf¥ 114862.60CC9¥ 118185.85CC9
  1/2 oz Maple Leaf¥ 52123.35CC9  
  1/4 oz Maple Leaf¥ 26061.67CC9  
  1/10 oz Maple Leaf¥ 10424.67CC9  
  1/20 oz Maple Leaf¥ 5212.33CC9  
Pobjoy Mint Platinum NobleHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Noble¥ 112093.22CC9  
  1/2 oz Noble¥ 50441.95CC9  
  1/4 oz Noble¥ 25220.98CC9  
  1/10 oz Noble¥ 10088.39CC9  
  1/20 oz Noble¥ 5044.20CC9  
 Platinum: ¥ 112093.22  1,207.45▲  (1/19/2018 16:59 ET) 
Platinum Bars
Royal Canadian Mint Platinum BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz RCM bar¥ 1109854.73CC9  
  1 oz RCM bar¥ 112093.22CC9  
Johnson Matthey Platinum BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz JM bar¥ 1109854.73CC9  
  1 oz JM bar¥ 112093.22CC9  
Engelhard Platinum BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz EH bar¥ 1109854.73CC9  
  1 oz EH bar¥ 112093.22CC9  
Pamp Suisse Platinum BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz Pamp bar¥ 1109854.73CC9  
  1 oz Pamp bar¥ 112093.22A85¥ 117078.10A85
Credit Suisse Platinum BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Credit bar¥ 112093.22CC9  
Platinum Bar (any brand name)High BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Platinum bar¥ 112093.22CC9¥ 114862.60CC9
Heraeus Platinum BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Heraeus bar¥ 112647.10A85¥ 115970.35A85
Valcambi Suisse Platinum BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Valcambi bar¥ 112868.65CC9¥ 114862.60CC9

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