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 Palladium: 1,096.20  4.70▲  (1/19/2018 16:59 ET) 
Palladium Coins
American Palladium EagleHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle1260.63CC9  
Canadian Palladium Maple LeafHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Maple Leaf1061.20CC91106.20A85
 Palladium: 1,096.20  4.70▲  (1/19/2018 16:59 ET) 
Palladium Bars
Pamp Suisse Palladium BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo Pamp bar31722.49CC9  
  10 oz Pamp bar10562.00CC910962.00CC9
  1 oz Pamp bar1066.20A851106.20A85
Credit Suisse Palladium BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz Credit bar10562.00CC9  
  1 oz Credit bar1066.20A851106.20A85
Johnson Matthey Palladium BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz JM bar10562.00CC9  
  1 oz JM bar1066.20CC9  
Palladium Bar (any brand name)High BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Palladium bar1066.20CC9  
Heraeus Palladium BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Heraeus bar1066.20CC9  

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