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 Gold: € 1079.54  17.57▲  (3/21/2018 16:05 ET) 
Gold Coins
American Gold Eagle - Mint StateHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle MS (any year)€ 1081.16ME8€ 1090.34CC9
  1 oz Eagle MS (current year)€ 1101.14CC9€ 1115.71CC9
  1/2 oz Eagle MS (any year)€ 538.69CC9€ 550.57CC9
  1/2 oz Eagle MS (current year)€ 554.62CC9€ 569.19CC9
  1/4 oz Eagle MS (any year)€ 277.31ME8  
  1/4 oz Eagle MS (current year)€ 285.40CC9€ 290.53CC9
  1/10 oz Eagle MS (any year)€ 115.51ME8  
  1/10 oz Eagle MS (current year)€ 116.05CC9€ 118.16CC9
American Gold Eagle - ProofHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)€ 1075.50CC9  
  1 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)€ 1075.50CC9  
  1/2 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)€ 537.75CC9  
  1/2 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)€ 537.75CC9  
  1/4 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)€ 268.87CC9  
  1/4 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)€ 268.87CC9  
  1/10 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (any year)€ 106.94CC9  
  1/10 oz Eagle PR w/OGP (current year)€ 106.94CC9  
American Gold Eagle - Proof SetHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1.85 oz Eagle 4pc Set w/OGP (any year)€ 1989.67CC9  
  1.85 oz Eagle 4pc Set w/OGP (current yr)€ 1989.67CC9  
  1.50 oz Eagle 2pc Set w/OGP (any year)€ 1613.24CC9  
  1.50 oz Eagle 2pc Set w/OGP (current yr)€ 1613.24CC9  
American Gold Buffalo - Mint StateHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Buffalo MS (any year)€ 1083.59CC9€ 1095.74CC9
  1 oz Buffalo MS (current year)€ 1098.44CC9€ 1117.33CC9
  1/2 oz Buffalo MS (any year)€ 569.46CC9  
  1/2 oz Buffalo MS (current year)€ 566.76CC9  
  1/4 oz Buffalo MS (any year)€ 296.87CC9  
  1/4 oz Buffalo MS (current year)€ 296.87CC9  
  1/10 oz Buffalo MS (any year)€ 119.83CC9  
  1/10 oz Buffalo MS (current year)€ 118.75CC9  
American Gold Buffalo - ProofHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Buffalo PR w/OGP (any year)€ 1075.50CC9  
  1 oz Buffalo PR w/OGP (current year)€ 1075.50CC9  
U.S. GoldHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  $5 (XF/AU)€ 257.19CC9€ 295.05CC9
  $10 (XF/AU)€ 518.31CC9€ 538.43CC9
  $20 (XF/AU)€ 1036.63CC9€ 1068.75CC9
AustraliaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Lunar€ 1068.75CC9  
  1 oz Kangaroo€ 1081.16CC9  
  1/2 oz Kangaroo€ 534.37CC9  
  1/4 oz Kangaroo€ 267.19CC9  
  1/10 oz Kangaroo€ 106.87CC9  
  1/20 oz Kangaroo€ 53.45CC9  
Austria PhilharmonicHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Philharmonic (any year)€ 1082.78CC9€ 1091.69CC9
  1 oz Philharmonic (current year)€ 1081.97CC9  
  1/2 oz Philharmonic (any year)€ 535.73CC9  
  1/2 oz Philharmonic (current year)€ 535.73CC9  
  1/4 oz Philharmonic (any year)€ 269.89CC9  
  1/4 oz Philharmonic (current year)€ 269.89CC9  
  1/10 oz Philharmonic (any year)€ 107.96CC9  
  1/10 oz Philharmonic (current year)€ 107.96CC9  
Austria Corona/DucatHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 Corona€ 1050.24CC9€ 1056.55CC9
  20 Corona€ 209.48CC9  
  10 Corona€ 104.75CC9  
  4 Ducats€ 474.79CC9€ 480.72CC9
  1 Ducat€ 118.61CC9  
BelgiumHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Francs€ 197.53CC9  
CanadaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Maple Leaf .99999 (any year)€ 1071.45A85  
  1 oz Maple Leaf .99999 (current year)€ 1068.75CC9€ 1107.89CC9
  1 oz Maple Leaf .9999 (any year)€ 1079.54CC9€ 1086.83CC9
  1 oz Maple Leaf .9999 (current year)€ 1087.64CC9€ 1100.60CC9
  1 oz Maple Leaf .999 (any year)€ 1069.83CC9  
  1/2 oz Maple Leaf (any year)€ 539.77CC9€ 566.76CC9
  1/2 oz Maple Leaf (current year)€ 543.82CC9€ 566.76CC9
  1/4 oz Maple Leaf (any year)€ 269.89CC9€ 288.78CC9
  1/4 oz Maple Leaf (current year)€ 276.63CC9€ 288.78CC9
  1/10 oz Maple Leaf (any year)€ 110.11CC9€ 117.94CC9
  1/10 oz Maple Leaf (current year)€ 114.43CC9€ 118.16CC9
  1/20 oz Maple Leaf (any year)€ 55.60CC9  
  1/20 oz Maple Leaf (current year)€ 55.60CC9  
ChinaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Panda€ 1079.54CC9  
  30 gram Panda€ 1030.81CC9€ 1075.06CC9
  1/2 oz Panda€ 539.77CC9  
  15 gram Panda€ 515.40CC9  
  8 gram Panda€ 274.88CC9  
  1/4 oz Panda€ 272.58CC9  
  1/10 oz Panda€ 111.19CC9  
  3 gram Panda€ 103.08CC9  
  1/20 oz Panda€ 55.60CC9  
  1 gram Panda€ 34.36CC9€ 41.65CC9
ColumbiaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  5 Peso€ 251.70CC9  
DenmarkHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Kroner€ 277.03CC9€ 283.87CC9
  10 Kroner€ 138.52CC9  
FranceHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Francs Rooster Coq€ 199.74CC9€ 203.17CC9
  20 Francs Angel Genie€ 199.74CC9€ 203.17CC9
  20 Francs Nap III€ 199.54CC9€ 209.65A85
  10 Francs Rooster Coq€ 99.21CC9  
GermanyHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Marks€ 246.49CC9  
  10 Marks€ 124.37CC9€ 140.56CC9
GibraltarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Cherub Angel€ 1068.75CC9  
  1/2 oz Cherub Angel€ 534.37CC9  
  1/5 oz Cherub Angel€ 213.75CC9  
  1/10 oz Cherub Angel€ 106.87CC9  
  1/25 oz Cherub Angel€ 42.75CC9  
Great BritainHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  British Sovereign New€ 251.58CC9  
  British Sovereign Old Kings€ 252.22CC9€ 257.36CC9
  British Sovereign Old Queens€ 252.22CC9€ 258.17CC9
  British Half Sovereign€ 125.16CC9  
HungaryHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 Korona€ 1050.23CC9€ 1058.17CC9
  20 Korona€ 209.47CC9  
  10 Korona€ 104.74CC9€ 108.22CC9
Isle of ManHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Angel€ 1068.75CC9  
  1/2 oz Angel€ 534.37CC9  
  1/4 oz Angel€ 267.19CC9  
  1/10 oz Angel€ 106.87CC9  
  1/20 oz Angel€ 53.44CC9  
ItalyHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Lire€ 198.53CC9  
MexicoHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  50 Pesos€ 1291.85CC9  
  20 Pesos€ 515.98CC9  
  10 Pesos€ 257.68CC9  
  5 Pesos€ 128.78CC9  
  2.5 Pesos€ 64.34CC9  
  2 Pesos€ 52.03CC9  
NetherlandsHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 Guilder€ 208.09CC9  
  1 Ducat€ 118.52CC9  
RussiaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1/10 oz Ballerina€ 106.88CC9  
  1/20 oz Ballerina€ 53.45CC9  
  10 Ruble€ 268.71CC9  
  5 Ruble€ 134.41CC9  
South AfricaHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Krugerrand€ 1082.89CC9€ 1095.74A85
  1/2 oz Krugerrand€ 537.07CC9  
  1/4 oz Krugerrand€ 268.54CC9  
  1/10 oz Krugerrand€ 110.11CC9  
SwedenHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  20 Kroner€ 277.13CC9  
  10 Kroner€ 138.52CC9  
SwitzerlandHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 Francs€ 997.68CC9  
  20 Francs€ 199.74CC9€ 201.55CC9
  10 Francs€ 99.71CC9  
 Gold: € 1079.54  17.57▲  (3/21/2018 16:05 ET) 
Gold Bars
Perth Mint Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo bar€ 34451.34CC9  
  10 oz Kangaroo bar€ 10741.47CC9€ 10925.01CC9
  1 oz Kangaroo bar€ 1073.88CC9€ 1090.07CC9
Asahi/Johnson Matthey Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo JM bar€ 34538.11CC9  
  10 oz Asahi bar€ 10741.47CC9  
  10 oz JM bar€ 10741.47CC9  
  1 oz JM bar€ 1068.75CC9  
Royal Canadian Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo RCM bar€ 34581.48A85  
  1 oz RCM bar€ 1077.92CC9  
Pamp Suisse Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 Kilo Pamp bar€ 34581.48A85  
  10 oz Pamp bar€ 10741.47CC9€ 10900.72CC9
  5 oz Pamp bar€ 5370.73CC9€ 5458.46CC9
  1 oz Pamp bar€ 1076.31CC9€ 1093.30CC9
  1 oz Pamp Fortuna bar€ 1076.31CC9€ 1093.31CC9
Credit Suisse Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  10 oz Credit bar€ 10714.48CC9€ 10876.42CC9
  1 oz Credit bar€ 1076.31CC9  
ScotiaMocatta Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz ScotiaMocatta bar€ 1068.75CC9  
Sunshine Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Sunshine bar€ 1075.50CC9€ 1091.69CC9
Heraeus Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  100 oz Heraeus bar€ 107468.56A85  
  1 Kilo Heraeus bar€ 34555.46A85  
  1 oz Heraeus bar€ 1068.75CC9  
Valcambi Suisse Gold BarHigh BIDBuyerLow ASKSeller
  1 oz Valcambi bar€ 1075.50CC9  
  1 oz Valcambi CombiBar (10 x 1/10)€ 1071.45CC9  

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