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Frequently Asked Questions about CCE

About the Certified Coin Exchange

What is the Certified Coin Exchange?

CCE is an online numismatic trading exchange for certified U.S. rare coins by member firms.  CCE has been an online exchange since 1990, and it is the principal dealer-to-dealer exchange in the United States.  The exchange has a Board of Governors who set the exchange rules for trading.  There is an arbitration system that has been very successful in place to resolve disputes.

Why should I be a member of CCE?

CCE membership gives a dealer a number of business advantages...

  • You can make a market in coins by bidding on the Exchange
  • You can buy coins at your bid
  • You can sell to other CCE Member Firms under CCE rules
  • You can buy and sell coins and bullion on the open message system
  • You can view or make a competitive bullion market
  • Join with over 600 of the top dealers in the U.S. who already are active members
  • Just one trade can pay for the service for the whole month!

I would like to become a member of CCE.  How can I apply for membership?

The requirements of membership are as follows:

  • Full-Time numismatic firm
  • Established place of business longer than one year
  • Numismatic experience longer than three years
  • Three Member Firm dealer references
  • Or, previous satisfactory membership as a principal or executive of a Member Firm.
Call Taryn Warrecker for information at 1-800-669-3158

What are the membership levels for the CCE?

CCE has three levels of membership:

  • Associate Member:  Associate members may view prices (with dealer IDs) and may use all other features of the system, except they cannot post prices and cannot execute online trades with full-member firms.
  • Associate Member with Quick Price:  All Associate Member features, plus the use of CCE Quick Price for complete coin pricing information (with dealer IDs).
  • Member Firm:  Full members may post bid and ask prices, execute online trades with other full members, use CCE Quick Price for complete coin pricing information, post wholesale and retail Bullion prices on the BQS system, and use all other features of the system.

What is CCE Quick Price?

CCE Quick Price is the one stop coin pricing resource... CCE bids/asks w/dealer IDs, PCGS/NGC/CAC population, PCGS/NGC Auction Prices Realized, PCGS Price Guide, Blue & GreySheet (requires subscription), NumisMedia Mkt,FMV,CAC prices (requires subscription), current auctions and other resources - all available on one screen!  A must have for quickly and efficiently pricing PCGS and NGC graded coins.

I am interested in coin pricing.  Can I call the CCE for price information?

Please call any of our member firms for price information.  You will find dealers listed by state in our Dealer Index.

Do you buy or sell coins?

CCE is an information and trading service for numismatic dealers.  We do not buy or sell coins.

What is the best way to buy or sell coins?

Contact several CCE members and get quotes.  You will find dealers listed by state in our Dealer Index.

How do Member Firms buy and sell coins among themselves?

A Member Firm may post bids and asks on the Exchange.  Other Member Firms may sell to or buy from these members by executing against the posted bids or asks.  All prices are firm.  Such a transaction would fall under CCE Rules.  CCE members may also transact by any other means, such as over the telephone or at coin shows.  These transactions would not fall under CCE rules.

How much does it cost to be a member of CCE?

  • Member Firm is $435 per month
  • Associate Member Firm with Quick Price is $279 per month.
  • Associate Member Firm is $249 per month.

What if I only want to see prices, but not trade on the exchange?

An Associate Member may view prices with Dealer IDs on CCE, but cannot trade on the Exchange.

What are the rules of the exchange?

You can read them at CCE Exchange Rules.

About the website

How do I log in as a subscriber?

Click the Login to CCE menu item or the Login to CCE link on the top bar.  You must be given a user ID and password by the Help Desk.

Why does CCE require CCE members to have Javascript enabled?

It is necessary for editing coin prices, executing trades, and taking full advantage of the features on CCE.

Why does CCE require cookies?

We store a single number on your PC to keep track of your last messages read, your preferences for viewing the coin market, etc.  We do not gather any information from your PC.

About browsers

What browser versions work with the CCE website?

Most modern browsers running the latest update.

Does CCE recommend a particular browser?

Yes, we recommend Chrome.

What is the recommended screen resolution and color depth for working with CCE?

The minimum screen resolution is 1024 x 768 and the minimum color depth is 256 colors.  You may use higher resolutions and depths if your hardware can support it.

Privacy and Refund Policy

Does Certified Coin Exchange have a privacy policy?

Yes.  Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, website URLs of members of Certified Coin Exchange are available to authenticated members of the Certified Coin Exchange network.  Certified Coin Exchange does maintain a dealer referral list based on geographic location which shows dealer name, city and phone number for the public.  Also, Certified Coin Exchange maintains a retail selling page called www.collectorscorner.com which shows dealer information if the dealer has coin listings active.

Does Certified Coin Exchange have a refund policy?

Yes.  Certified Coin Exchange will consider refunds for services on dealer request.