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Tour the CCE Sight Seen/Unseen Market

The Certified Coin Exchange is a sight-seen/unseen, rule-governed trading system for coin dealers. Coins graded by PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG are traded on the exchange.

The CCE market pricing display screen offers all bids and asks for a particular U.S. coin in a grade from 2 to 70. Most of the trading is executed on the bid side. When a bid is "filled," it is removed from the system, and the next higher bid becomes the top bid price.

Many transactions occur outside of the CCE network but are based on CCE prices. Also, CCE prices form the basis of many price-reporting services.

CCE reports prices of selected issues daily to the Associated Press and Bloomberg, and these prices are carried in many major newspapers throughout the United States.

Maintaining prices on CCE is considered critical for many of the larger numismatic services in the United States. Many smaller dealers use CCE for sourcing material in their numismatic specialties.

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