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Tour the FACTS Message System

The CCE/FACTS message system has a long history. "FACTS" is an acronym for the "Fox and Crabbe Teletype System." It began in the 60s as a teletype network, then went through several owners until it was purchased from Xerox by American Teleprocessing Corporation (ATC) in 1984. Shortly after, ATC converted the system to a satellite receiving system, and then in the 90s it was converted for the Internet. In 2005, CCE was purchased from ATC by Collectors Universe. CU continues to optimize the system for the latest technologies.

Free-form messaging makes it easy to post your Buys and Sells on the CCE/FACTS system to 500+ dealers. Dealers all over the United States will instantly see your buy or sell messages. The network also offers the capability of messaging privately.

You can store and edit messages directly on the network. It's a great way to locate hard-to-find numismatic material for your shop or your clients. Hundreds of active members are reading and responding to the continuous stream of messages.

You can also search message history to locate items of interest.

If you are a full-time numismatist, your business will benefit by posting on CCE/FACTS!

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