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Rare Coins
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All CCE dealers are eligible to list inventory on Collectors Corner, a shopping cart-enabled online marketplace for rare coins.  The public purchases your coins at your retail price through this website.  Sell your coins through this database-driven, secure retail shopping cart that’s easier to use than eBay (no listing fee) and is frequented by retail-shopping collectors.  Include your coin photos and watch your sales build.  CCE members list their available inventory, for free, at retail prices for the thousands of visitors (buyers) we have visiting the site.  Buyers become lasting clients.

There are over 57,000 items currently listed, making this a popular online destination for serious collectors.

CCE dealers can upload a database (or spreadsheet) of their listings, with coin images, in accordance with our easy database specification.  This makes listing thousands of coins at once a snap!

The coin categories make it easy for collectors to find their coins of interest and a search engine helps them to quickly find dates of interest.

Join CCE today, and take advantage of CCE Collectors Corner!

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